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Welcome to Moksha Movement. 
Moksha offers many ways of enhancing physical and mental wellbeing.
Online yoga, personal training, meditation and other activities offered through Moksha can help you create a sacred space to enjoy physical, spiritual and social aspects of life. So, begin a journey of self- love, digging deep within yourself and encountering new experiences through your mind and body. Because, through movement, comes change. 
Providing weekly Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation online classes, via Zoom for levels.
And a choice of booking weekly online Personal Training with a full personalised plan and diet guidelines, this option will suit people with limited time and means we can help you reach your goals, wherever you may be in the world or one to one the fast track to hitting your goals at your home or locally to you.

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Online Yoga & Meditation Classes

Book now for weekly online Vinyasa flow, Yin Yoga and meditation classes.For all levels on Zoom. Only £3 for meditation£5 for Yoga per class Vinyasa flow - Starting the practice with a meditation, which brings us into an awareness of ourselves on the mat, before beginning to flow through sun salutations and a series of standing and seated asanas – or postures – allowing the breath to connect us to each movement, and ending with an affirmation that allows us to think freely and positively about ourselves.Yin Yoga - Holding each of the positions for two to three minutes has many benefits for the body – and not just for the muscles. It helps connective tissues, fascia and ligaments and it helps to improve circulation in the joints, as well as alignments and flexibility. I will guide you through this tranquil class, offering modifications or deeper stretches for each posture for those who wish, describing a deeper explanation of the anatomy, and helping everyone to gain a sense of stillness and of the present.Meditation - With a different theme each week covering techniques including  - mindfulness, breath work, progressive muscle relaxation and many more.We will begin at 7am UK time, bright and early before the day starts.I want to share how powerful and beneficial meditation is for us. There has been, and still is so much uncertainty in the world and while many things remain outside our control, our mindset is key to coping with difficult circumstances and facing the unknown.With meditation we learn how to gain authority over those negative emotions we all acquire - anxiety, fear, worry, and stress, amongst others

Here at Moksha

It's not about who can touch their toe to their head or do the most push ups, it's about focusing internally as well as externally and with these merging together you acquire those emotions we all strive for, fulfilment, enlightenment and happiness. 
Weather it is Yoga of personal training we will both always explain the purpose behind each posture and movement, explaining the benefits, diving deep into the anatomy of the body and connecting to our emotional body surfacing any blockages. 
We both carry different skill sets and experience and share a love for working alongside people, enabling them to enjoy physical, spiritual and social activities.