Meet your resident team

Your dedicated residence team are here to help. The best way to contact us is via to log into your account and chat via the instant chat feature 👇 (Bottom Right)

Meet Avril

Meet Avril

My name is Avril Smith and I am your Residence Manager.

We welcome you to your new home, my team are here on hand to handle any of your enquiries.

If you have any questions please just let us know!

Thanks and enjoy our space.


Meet James

Meet James

My name is James Ryder and I am part of the Front of House Team.

You can talk to me about anything you need, I have been here since the building was built so if I don't know the answer to your questions no-one will!

I am usually the person who takes delivery of your parcels and other deliveries, so if you get a parcel; alert it will most likely be from me.

See you soon!

James :-)