HIIT Workouts

Discover HIIT Workouts, carefully curated to help you stay in shape!
HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a form of exercise that has been proven to boost metabolism and build strength, packing in the same benefits of lower and moderate-intensity aerobic workouts in a much shorter time. So, get out your exercise mat and get stuck in!

Try Something New & Wake Up With Joe

Wake up with Joe

If you like a structured exercise programme why not try out Wake up with Joe. 
Who is it? The Body Coach

What is it? Join Joe Wicks for new 15-minute high intensity interval training (Hiit) workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

How much is it? It's free.    
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Get Fast Results With TikTok Craze, Chloe Ting

Discover Chloe Ting a YouTuber with over 21 million subscribers and take part in her free exercise programmes and challenges that bring fast results! Chloe blew up on TikToc as people were starting to post results with people seeing real changes in their body within 2 weeks. All Chloe's exercise routines are free and easy to do, but be warned - prepare to sweat and to ache the next day!

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Discover The Best Fitness YouTube Channels

Whether you want to get in better shape from the comfort of your own home, find an exciting new workout to try, or learn more about the world of health and fitness, we’re about to show you the best fitness YouTube channels out there.
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Try Fast Walking In 15 Minutes With GrowWithJo

This fast-paced walking workout will be sure to get your heart rate up with ONLY low impact moves!! You will be burning lots of calories and burning fat! growwithjo offers Free Fun Fitness, Perfect for Beginners .

The growwithjo community is the strongest community of women from all abilities and walks of life, she has making people sweat and see their own transformations ever since she was a personal trainer doing 1-on-1 coaching at a local gym 8 years ago. Now teaching millions of women, and helping them achieve their goals!

You will discover easy to follow workouts, walking workouts to get your steps in plus tonnes of other fun workouts and giveaways!

Click to download GrowWithJo App
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Exercise safely, have fun & feel good!

If you're unsure about your ability, it might be wise to start gradually and build up. 

Make sure you warm up and cool down to prevent injury, and make sure you keep hydrated.

Stop the exercises immediately if you feel faint or unwell, and if you still feel dizzy or unwell, have a rest. Next time try something less strenuous, building up your activity gradually.

Make sure your workout area is safe and free of obstacles before exercising.
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18 Exercises To Use In A HIIT Workout

Start getting in shape now with these simple HIIT Exercises that you can do at home.